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Overview of ZenCash

Since the network is privacy specific, it uses zk-SNARKs complete with end-to-end encryption. The Satoshi consensus is admirable as it has introduced a digital scarcity where miners are awarded incentives to participate in this blockchain. It was designed to decentralize blockchain network to provide infrastructure that would support a high performing privacy platform.

ZENis ZenCash’s private, secure, untraceable and a very resilient coin. For those that are interested, the coinis minable and aims at contributing towards humanity by being on the forefront of technological enhancement.

Some of the products and services are ZenCash, ZenChat, ZenPub and ZenHide. ZenCash allows users to transfer money by using regular and private addresses, ZenChat is a secure messaging application and ZenPub is where users can freely publish data.On the other hand, ZenHide is for monitoring web traffic.