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Litecoin Price Slumping, down 18% Despite Privacy Support
by Jan 18, 2021

The Litecoin price is trading at around $140, firm on the last day versus BTC but posting dismal results versus ETH and USD in the last week of trading. During that period, the LTC price fell by roughly 18 and 10 percent, respectively. As such, there are hints of a... Read More

The SEC and Ripple Lawsuit: Will XRP Be Deemed a Security?
by Jan 15, 2021

2020 was an unpredictable and unstable period in the crypto world, with several major events that are likely signs of things to come. The current lawsuit that was filed by the SEC against Ripple is one of them. Right before it came to the end of the year in 2020,... Read More

The Bahamas Launched Their CBDC (Sand Dollar): Will It Work?
by Nov 28, 2020

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies represent new thoughts on money, currency, and finance. A huge one is the reintroduction of sovereignty over money and currency. Citizens of less developed countries have many restrictions to overcome when getting access to the global economy. For a low- medium developing country with a small... Read More

Ripple’s Global Ambitions Plus Bitcoin and Ethereum Developments in June 2019
by Jul 6, 2019

Overly, the crypto market did tap good tidings in the first half of the year. After impressive gains from April through to June, the crypto market is officially over. Why not? Last year was a pain for crypto asset holders. Leading the free fall was the anchor coin, Bitcoin (BTC).... Read More

This Week in Brief: Bitcoin Dump, BitFinex, Tether, Yelp, Ethereal Summit
by Apr 28, 2019

The drama around BitFinex and NY Office of the Attorney General is dominating headlines calling into question the validity of the USD and USDT 1:1 peg.