CoVenture Educates Traders On How To Check If A Crypto Exchange Is Bogus
by Mar 3, 2019

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies exchanges appearing almost out of nowhere trying to secure a slice of the pie, some of them are not quite the crypto heavens they advertise themselves to be.

Did Bitcoin Price Drop Because of BTC Liquidation by Mt. Gox Trustee?
by Mar 13, 2018

The changes in Bitcoin prices in the past year have been nothing short of tumultuous. From the highs of about $20,000 in December 2017 a piece to the current prices of about $10,000, several factors have shaped market trends decisively.  None, however, has had a more unilateral and negative influence... Read More

$150 Million Lock Out in Ethereum Network
by Dec 1, 2017

The Ethereum market suffered a setback a few days back when one of the major multi-sig wallets from Parity Technologies suffered a bug which led to the lockout of 500,000 ETH that is worth close to $150 million. The bug was already present in the Solidity code, which is the... Read More

The Segwit2X (Segregated Witness) November 16th Hard Hork

The Segwit2X (Segregated Witness) hard fork planned for November 16th has been canceled. If this hard fork would have happened this would create two Bitcoin Blockchain networks. Previously Bitcoin experienced two hard forks which resulted in the creation of new cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold. This time the... Read More