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What is Harmony (ONE Token), and How Does It Work?
by 4 days ago

Harmony (ONE) is a decentralized, trustless bridge that uses a sharding protocol that aims to scale up Ethereum applications combined with the future of 5G and IoT technologies. Harmony utilizes new advanced technologies, such as Solidity and Ether.js, to create an extremely fast transaction processing platform capable of executing 10 million transactions... Read More

What Is Stellar Lumens? A Guide to Understanding XLM
by 5 days ago

What is XLM? XLM (Lumens) is the native token of the Stellar network, an open-source and decentralized blockchain network created to facilitate the transfer of value between different types of assets, allowing the transfer of money and assets without the need for traditional payment providers. What is Stellar? The Stellar... Read More

What Is Paxos (PAX)? An Overview of the Paxos Standard Stablecoin
by 5 days ago

What Is Paxos (PAX)? Paxos (PAX) is a stablecoin launched by Ontology (ONT), a cryptocurrency backed 1:1 in USD. The launch is based on Ontology’s OEP-4 token standard, which enables exchange between Ontology’s main blockchain and other blockchains. This system makes it easier for individuals and businesses to conduct business in... Read More

What is Celsius Network (CEL)? How Did it Collapse?
by 6 days ago

What is Celsius? Celsius Network (CEL) is the ERC-20 native token of the Celsius Network, an Ethereum-based system that offers various creative financial solutions for crypto holders. Officially launched in 2017, Celsius Network is a peer-to-peer platform that targets advanced crypto lending and borrowing activities. So far, the Celsius Network has gained... Read More

What Is Fantom? Exploring the Next Generation of Blockchain
by 6 days ago

Fantom (FTM) coin is the token of a high-speed blockchain that has emerged to help address the speed and scalability issues many blockchains face. In addition, Fantom announced the launch of Fantom finance, the first DeFi platform to be launched with the aBFT consensus mechanism. Most common DeFi projects are based on... Read More

What is Synthetix Network Token? Discover the Benefits
by 6 days ago

Decentralized Finance’s (DeFi) success was one of the major events in the crypto market in 2020, attracting millions of dollars of investment and taking the whole ecosystem to its next step toward mass adoption. Synthetix Network was created in 2018 by Kain Warwick and the Synthetix Foundation on the Ethereum Network. In... Read More