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Overview of Bitcore

And with that came Bitcore a creation that offers a solution to Bitcoin. It’s the first cryptocurrency to use hybrid fork to distribute BTX to the holders of Bitcoins.

According the coinmarketcap, it has a maximum supply of 21 million and it’s currently supply over 16.8 million. For anyone that wants to acquire BTX they are four distinct ways: one if you are a user of Bitcore and also have Bitcoin in your possession they give you a chance to get free BTX.

Then there is the lucky stake where holders of BTX get awarded, for example for those that hold 300,000 BTX can be awarded 12,000 BTX. Thirdly, one can acquire BTX through mining which is easy as one chooses a mining pool, sets up their GPU mining software and finalize by mining. Lastly, the masternode which can only be activated by holders of at least 250,000 BTX.