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Overview of Elastos

Elastos provides a safe platform where decentralized applications are detached from the internet while allowing full scalability to a myriad of users. To function, Elastos depends on the blockchain, a runtime, a carrier and most importantly a SDK development tool kit. There will be a total of 33,654,716 ELA to ever circulate.

 Elastos makes it possible to generate wealth for users as they make digital assets scarce, identifiable and tradable. Aside from offering trustless ledgers, smart contracts and monetizable dApps are other options available for users. The DApps runs on a peer-to-peer smart web with no centralized system with guaranteed accessibility and available for free. When these dApps are running, one doesn’t have to connect to the internet and this is beneficial because users would be protected from malware or other digital attacks that often aim to steal critical user data as passwords.

The Elastos structure permits merged mining with Bitcoin thereby ensuring safety and reliability due to Proof of Work (POW) consensus from Bitcoin. It is a smart web where safety and economic sharing can prosper on the internet.