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Overview of Golem

The one word that you will come across when reading about Golem is Supercomputer. This is because this platform is exactly that; an open source, decentralized supercomputer accessible to anyone and is enabled by the combined power of user machines. The machines are in a variety of forms and could range from basic user PCs to entire data centers and all tasks on Golem are redistributed within the network. All participants are rewarded with GNT tokens as incentives.

Golem therefore is able to perform a number of functions be it CGI rendering, machine learning and even scientific computing for but a small fee in this shared economy. Its limits are determined by the software developers' creativity.

The result is a peer-to-peer sharing economy of computing power and availability of software developers while maintaining a reliable and cheap source of computing power. All these actualize the global supercomputer that the developers of Golem intended to achieve.

Founder: Julian Zawistowski
Release Date: November 18, 2016

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