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Overview of Storm

Through Storm Play users can access the Storm Market which is the platform where makers and players connect with each other so as to buy and sell tasks by paying transaction fees through tokens. Fees are miniscule, the platform charges 1 percent of freelancer’s earnings and distribute payments in bolts which can be redeemed for STORM tokens.

Storm Market has the following benefits: it’s addressing global needs, it’s a trusted network supported by smart contracts and it is easily accessible since users can earn tokens from anywhere. Storm Market’s demography is freelance industries around micro-tasks. They aim at doing the following for these freelancers: reduce transaction fees, allow micro-rewards, eliminate third parties, reduce risks and cost of dispute and provide more earning opportunities to freelancers.

They are three parties that can participate in Storm Market:Players who are the freelancers perform tasks and receive tokens for their work, Makers made up of companies that direct freelancers and a Master who monitor the Storm Market.

Storm Market is introducing the STORM token which is an ERC20 compliant token. The tokens are specifically used for on-platform transaction in a secured marketplace and are run by smart contracts. These tokens can be stored in any ERC20 compatible wallet. Unfortunately the Storm coins cannot be mined but can be earned.