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Bitcoin (BTC) Highlights: A $100 Million Buy Order Frenzy, SEC ICO Guideline
by Apr 8, 2019

Well, everybody can see it. Better still, every cryptocurrency investor, enthusiast or trader can feel it. Bulls are awake and the home pages of all crypto trackers are back to green. Yes, green and gains are massive. Admits To Providing Inaccurate Data, the biggest crypto market website admits to providing inaccurate data to its users while aiming to further consolidate their services. In a statement for, the company mentioned that there are concerns over the trading volumes inaccuracies coming from the 236 exchanges currently listed on their website. In addition... Read More

Financial expert Jim Calvin breaks down 4 crypto tax returns tricks for traders
by Mar 26, 2019

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited representative Jim Calvin offers his point of view on maximizing tax returns for cryptocurrency traders. In a conversation with CNN, Calvin spoke about four common problems that crypto users are facing when filing for their annual tax returns and offered some professional advice on how to... Read More

A Blockchain Double Spend Affects Merchants, Here’s How
by Mar 15, 2019

Early this year, Ethereum Classic was attacked in what CoinBase said was a “deep chain reorganization” - a euphemism for a 51 percent or a double spending attack.

CoVenture Educates Traders On How To Check If A Crypto Exchange Is Bogus
by Mar 3, 2019

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies exchanges appearing almost out of nowhere trying to secure a slice of the pie, some of them are not quite the crypto heavens they advertise themselves to be.