Tokenpay: Now You Can Spend Your Bitcoins At Your Nearest Store

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by Dec 28, 2017

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With the kind of technology we have today, companies are given two choices: shape in or shape out. Although unrelated to cryptos, we can learn a lesson or two from Kodak and Nokia-they shaped out after failing to adapt with recent trends.

Undoubtedly, startups and independent developers are increasingly competing with already established firms to stand out in the market and in most cases, they are usually disadvantaged, especially if they lack robust strategies to govern their approaches.

Therefore it is not surprising that the concept of tokens and cryptography is at the heart of a new revolution. That which is giving life to ideas by leveraging their unique open and distributed network design. After Ethereum proved successful, others followed suit and now we have TokenPay.
TokenPay platform plans to be the most secure system for the exchange and trading of value in the modern world. I particularly like what this company offers because at its core, it is a problem solving coin. The moment you go through their whitepaper you quickly realize that TokenPay is that platform of the future that bridges the status quo, the banks and a new wave of technology stacked on top of the internet.

TokenPay aim to be that inevitable bridge between the world of fiat and cryptocurrency by simplifying the processes involved in cryptocurrency expenditure.

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