$100K Bitcoin will wipe out every other crypto says Heisenberg Capital

Alexandru Moruz profile
by May 10, 2019

Heisenberg Capital, one of crypto’s biggest venture capital firms, made a bold statement regarding Bitcoin’s future and the cryptocurrency market. The company plans on “doubling down on Bitcoin Maximalism with new capital” while claiming that $100,000 per Bitcoin will wipe out the entire market, leaving BTC as a stand-alone coin.

Heisenberg, which has financed some of the biggest crypto startups included Kraken, Bitfinex, and ShapeShift predicts that even the best performing alt-coins in the market such as ETH, XRP or BNB will be rejected on the long run while Bitcoin will reach the $100K target predicted by the same company back in 2011.

Heisenberg founders Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert also mentioned that Bitcoin Marxism is their long term strategy while the company will guide their efforts towards this direction as well. Kaiser also tweeted that he already sees positive movement towards his vision coming true:

According to the crypto fanatic, the bullish surge to $100k will be driven by a supply shock. 

Obviously, a few people strongly disagreed with the statement while mentioning that claiming Bitcoin will wipe out every altcoin is equivalent to saying that “everything but Google . com will die off” or that alt coins drove the 2017 rally as Bitcoin wasn’t even in the top 10 coins. 

Heisenberg Capital’s theory will be tested in May 2020 when the bitcoin output will be halved. Historically speaking, this four-year “halving” triggers a huge run-up in prices which begins a year in advance.

If Keiser is right with the $100K Bitcoin prediction, that’s automatically means a 1,664 percent gain from today’s price ($5,668 at the time of writing). Keiser was also brave enough to deliver a shorter-term prediction of $28,000 for a single BTC.

Will this turn out to be true? We can only wait to find out.