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Yes, Ethereum (ETH) is a Better Store of Value than Bitcoin (BTC): Australian University Researchers
by Dec 16, 2021

Vitalik Buterin once said Ethereum is a smartphone and a necessary improvement to Bitcoin, which he thought was a calculator. As a smartphone, Ethereum can “install” a calculator while also serving so much more as a versatile global machine. The talk now is how Ethereum, given the implementation of EIP-1559,... Read More

3 Reasons Why the Bitcoin Bear Run is Over: On-chain Analysis
by Dec 15, 2021

There are worrying cracks on Bitcoin. The daily chart shows that the BTCUSDT uptrend appears exhausted. Fissures were beginning to form, solidifying calls for tops. While it is true that indeed BTC prices might have peaked at $68k in the second half of 2021, optimists assert that there is more... Read More

Amazon Web Service (AWS) Technical Hitch Saw the $978 Million Layer-2 DeFi Cog, DyDx Disrupted
by Dec 14, 2021

Decentralized operations are supposed to be just that, decentralized. Unfortunately, in the real world, perfection is hard. Even though crypto fans wish their precious digital assets to dominate, putting gatekeepers out of business, it is still sad that the core of some crypto validators and ramps depends on centralized third... Read More

Bitcoin Drops Below $50k, Bulls Defiant and Expect a Strong Pullback
by Dec 12, 2021

It has been a disastrous weekend for the Bitcoin and crypto markets. On December 4, BTC prices crashed over 20 percent, temporarily dropping below $47k. This, according to analysts, mirrored losses posted on May 15 when BTCUSDT sunk to $24k, causing jitters across the board. Thus far, over $61 million... Read More

Ethereum Folks are Now Too Rich: Network Suffers from the “Founder’s Dilemma”
by Dec 3, 2021

Crypto and DeFi aren’t without drama. Craig Wright claims to be the founder of Bitcoin but fails to provide the doubt-removing private keys. Then, there is the constant feuding in Ethereum. Over the years, the smart contracting network has grown to dislodge Bitcoin on transaction count. It is now the... Read More

The New German Coalition Government Wants a Fair Playing Field for Traditional and Blockchain Players
by Dec 2, 2021

Crypto is disruptive and is a technological innovation that most people are now learning to embrace. After years of resistance, policymakers are warming up to financial technology and formulating fitting laws. Despite the blockchain rolling out a new technology eliminating the middleman, its innovations—such as cryptocurrencies—can’t exist in isolation. Applicable... Read More