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Did Bitcoin Price Drop Because of BTC Liquidation by Mt. Gox Trustee?
by Mar 13, 2018

The changes in Bitcoin prices in the past year have been nothing short of tumultuous. From the highs of about $20,000 in December 2017 a piece to the current prices of about $10,000, several factors have shaped market trends decisively.  None, however, has had a more unilateral and negative influence... Read More

Tokenpay: Now You Can Spend Your Bitcoins At Your Nearest Store
by Dec 28, 2017

With the kind of technology we have today, companies are given two choices: shape in or shape out. Although unrelated to cryptos, we can learn a lesson or two from Kodak and Nokia-they shaped out after failing to adapt with recent trends. Undoubtedly, startups and independent developers are increasingly competing... Read More

Bitcoin is $1000 Off $7800 After Segwit2X was Cancelled
by Nov 13, 2017

The Bitcoin Rally and Growing Market Cap What an eventful year it has been for Bitcoin. In a record-breaking 4 quarters, BTC is trading at record highs spurred mainly by the speculative pressure which in turn is pushing market capitalization up. It appears that no one wants to miss out... Read More