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Ethereum icon Ethereum  at  $184.75  on  Aug 15, 2019

Another Ponzi scheme. People just don’t learn. If it sounds to good...But great buying opp for ETH.

Bitcoin(BTC) Selloff caused by 70K Plustoken Bitcoin Ponzi scam?! Will the dump stop now?

Veritaseum icon Veritaseum  at  $5.84  on  Aug 15, 2019

It’s a shame. Looked very promising but if the allegations from SEC are true, it’s over for

Pundi X icon Pundi X  at  $0.00  on  May 17, 2019 receiving CE and UAE TRA Certifications, XPOS, the world’s first blockchain-powered point-of-sale (POS) device, has also received FCC and KC certifications, paving the way for its entry into mainstream global markets.

XPOS receives FCC and KC certifications

After receiving CE and UAE TRA Certifications, XPOS, the world’s first blockchain-powered point-of-sale (POS) device, has also received…

DigiByte icon DigiByte  at  $0.01  on  May 2, 2019�Digi ID is now on IOS. I just downloaded.

Litecoin Nasdaq! Digibyte Digi ID On IOS! Grey Scale Bitcoin! IOTA The Next FOMO? #Podcast 50

VeChain icon VeChain  at  $0.01  on  Apr 30, 2019 I'm a new fan of Vechain. This is a sleeper coin I think can make you rich

VeChain Transactions Skyrocket -- 90 million Vtho burnied in 3 days! Why this is good..

A recent report by Moody's Investor Service reveals that private chains are dangerous! #VeChain sensed this a while back, migrating to a new public chain, launching VeChain Thor and issuing #VET as a store of value, brilliant if you ask me!! Plus, what I like about this project is that they consider enterprises considering private chains! he he, proof of authority and running from China gives it room to experiment.

XRP icon XRP  at  $0.33  on  Apr 15, 2019�This video/article is more solid information for XRP holders. May 2019 is when XRP should see some spikes.

Ripple XRP: DLT Going Live In 2019 | DTCC

DigiByte icon DigiByte  at  $0.01  on  Apr 11, 2019 now uses DGB!!! DGB is a sleeper. DigiVault, Uses DigiAssets.

DigiByte - IvendPay - DigiAssets Testing! - Block30 ETX Going Global! - Other Major Updates!

Holo icon Holo  at  $0.00  on  Apr 10, 2019 I hold HOLOCHAIN. Will China's banning of mining make a difference

After Blockchain HoloChain Millionaires Will Be Only Ones! HoloChain(Hot) Update

Stellar Lumens icon Stellar Lumens  at  $0.13  on  Apr 8, 2019 Did you know you can Stake/Earn Stellar. I set up and so far I'm earning small amounts of XLM.


DigiByte icon DigiByte  at  $0.02  on  Apr 5, 2019 I love Digibyte! This article talks about DGB after the 10:24 mark. DGB needs to be placed on Coinbase.

Cardano (ADA) Will Beat Bitcoin & DigiByte Coinbase Debate!

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