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Flow - Dapper Labs icon Flow - Dapper Labs  at  $13.60  on  Nov 10, 2021

Flow continues to make great moves. On November 10th the Rarible marketplace now allows users to create, list, and trade flow-based NFT Collectibles

Avalanche icon Avalanche  at  $12.83  on  Jan 19, 2021

Avalanche is Live! Over the last few years, Avalanche has grown from an idea to a fully-featured platform. With the Avalanche consensus protocol serving as the platform’s engine, transactions are processed at 4,500 transactions per second, with sub-second transactional finality. Avalanche will alleviate bottlenecks that exist in current blockchain systems, as well as usher in a new generation of decentralized applications. medium.com/...2ce10

Avalanche Mainnet is Live

From Snowflake to Avalanche, the decentralized platform has come a long way, and its journey has only just begun

Blockstack icon Blockstack  at  $0.56  on  Jan 14, 2021

Muneeb Ali (Co-founder, Stacks, and CEO, Hiro PBC) gives a talk on "Bitcoin & The Next Internet" at the Stacks 2.0 Mainnet Launch event on January 14, 2021. www.youtube.com/...kLxZU

Muneeb Ali: Bitcoin & The Next Internet | Stacks 2.0 Launch

Maker icon Maker  at  $1,219.50  on  Jan 21, 2021

Join a decentralized community protecting the integrity of the Maker Protocol through research, discussion, and on-chain voting. Executive Votes are conducted to make changes to the protocol. The governing proposal represents the current state of the system. Polls take place to establish a rough consensus of community sentiment before Executive Votes are conducted. twitter.com/...?s=20

VeChain icon VeChain  at  $0.01  on  Dec 23, 2020

Congrats to VeChain! I remember when this coin first came out, it was very controversial. Every day was full of HYPE, FOMO, and FUD. Now they have really matured to become a leader in the space. medium.com/...92126

VeChain Becomes The First 5-Star-Rated Blockchain Service Provider In The World, Certified By TÜV…

TÜV Saarland Certification (hereafter referred to as “TÜV Saarland”) has issued VeChain with the world’s first 5-Star-Rated Blockchain…

Filecoin icon Filecoin  at  $24.64  on  Dec 22, 2020

Filecoin has suffered an outage due to a glitch! According to the Filecoin status report: "The Filecoin network is halted with most nodes stuck at height 336459 with mismatched state compute error due to indeterminate behavior.” This issue has been ongoing for the past 2 days. I believe the issue has been identified and the blockchain has resume operating. coingape.com/...tage/

Filecoin [FIL] Network Back Online After Suffering A Temporary Outage

Filecoin, the open-source decentralized Storage Network provider gave its miners and investors a scare as it reported a glitch that caused a temporary netw

Cardano icon Cardano  at  $0.05  on  Apr 24, 2020

IOHK has announced the new release of Deadalus v1.0.0. After testing it out, I can confirm that the new Deadalus wallet is a major improvement over the previous versions. I hope this puts us one step closer to Shelly Mainnet. cryptoslate.com/...llet/

Cardano (ADA) parent IOHK releases Daedalus mainnet wallet | CryptoSlate

IOHK has announced that Daedalus 1.0.0 mainnet wallet has finally launched and is now available to every user of Cardano (ADA). The launch of Daedalus comes after 18 months of work and mar...

Tezos icon Tezos  at  $1.08  on  Sep 23, 2019

Many of the top exchanges around the world keep announcing that they will be allowing #staking to the for Tezos. Hhmm... Is there something going on in the background that we don't know about? www.newsbtc.com/...ange/

Tezos Pumps On Binance Listing, But What About US Crypto Exchange? | NewsBTC

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has listed smart contract-focused altcoin Tezos (XTZ) to its flagship website, causing the

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