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Cardano icon Cardano  at  $0.04  on  Oct 18, 2019

It's Official! New Balance and Cardano have officially joined into a partnership to track the authenticity of #NewBalance products using blockchain -

Cardano icon Cardano  at  $0.08  on  May 23, 2019

Weiss Ratings tweeted that #Cardano is one of the best projects in the space, and also one of the cheapest cryptos out there.

Weiss Ratings: "Cardano One of the Best Projects in the Space" - Blockchain Technology - Altcoin Buzz

According to Weiss Ratings, Cardano is one of the best projects in the space, and also one of the cheapest cryptocurrencies available. 

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin  at  $4,075.92  on  Mar 28, 2019

The first Bitcoin adult cartoon series now on YouTube. It's actually pretty funny. If you are into crypto you should check it out:

Tezos icon Tezos  at  $0.93  on  Mar 29, 2019

#Coinbase Custody announced plans to offer #staking for institutional clients. The first cryptocurrency they will be offering this service for will be Tezos -

Coinbase Leads Wall Street to Brave New World of Crypto Staking - CoinDesk

Coinbase Custody has launched staking services for institutional clients, starting with Tezos and touting 6.6 percent yields.

THETA icon THETA  at  $0.11  on  Mar 26, 2019

WOW! SamsungVR has successfully been integrated with the Theta protocol.

Samsung x Theta — Test channel launches on today!

Theta Labs is proud to reveal the second test channel built on the Theta blockchain.

Stellar Lumens icon Stellar Lumens  at  $0.11  on  Mar 18, 2019

#IBM launches IBM Blockchain World Wire, a global payments network that facilitates cross-border transactions and foreign exchange in more than 50 countries. This cross-border solution utilizes digital assets on the Stellar blockchain. #WorldWire Here is the commercial -

there is the first leg up, it's a discount guys!!

I don't care much about XLM but I always say look at what the elite are doing, not what they say. The fact that IBM is working with XLM tells me the coin will go from .10¢ to $1-$5 within the next 12-18 months once the BULLS are let loose.

Cardano icon Cardano  at  $0.05  on  Mar 21, 2019

The long awaited Cardano 1.5.1 Mainnet, Daedalus 0.13.1 with Cardano SL 3.0.1 has been release. The success of Cardano 1.5 has set the stage for the platform to move forward into a new era of staking with the greatly anticipated future Shelley upgrade -

Cardano (ADA) Spikes 13.7% in 24 Hours with Mainnet Upgrade Boost

ADA, the native token of Cardano's open-source blockchain project, has jumped 13.7-percent since Thursday's mid-session. At 1330 UTC, the ADA-to-dollar rate was trading at 0.058, up 7.3...

All in all, when everything has been said and done, Cardano's innovation and leaning towards research makes it a true competitor for Ethereum

I forgot to mention that this upgrade also included an change in the protocol to Ouroboros-BFT. Ouroboros-BFT is said to provided a similar level of security as POW but for POS. This is extremely significant for Cardano and the crypto space as a whole.

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