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PancakeSwap Price Prediction: Burn and Emission Reduction, CAKE Could Pump to $20 USD
by Jul 10, 2021

Cryptocurrency and token exchange has been through and evolution. This flexibility bodes well for traders who now don’t have to register, submitting sensitive personal details and projects that don’t have to pay high listing fees. PancakeSwap is one of the most active DEXes in DeFi. Launching from the Binance Smart... Read More

Chainlink Technical Analysis: LINK/USDT Still Struggling Below $20
by Jun 30, 2021

It has been nothing but a sea of red in the last few trading sessions. Chainlink is no exception. LINK losses, if anything, are profound. Shedding over 75 percent of the Q1 2021 gains, LINK bears are unforgiving reading from the development in the daily chart. LINK is stable, adding... Read More

Polygon Price Analysis: Will MATIC Hold Above $1?
by Jun 22, 2021

Not surprisingly, looking at the Polygon price analysis, the MATIC price is relatively resilient and impressively absorbing sell pressure. Across the board, crypto assets are crumbling under the effect of determined sellers. It is not clear how aggressive bears are and how long the mauling will be. However, what’s evident... Read More

Uniswap Technical Analysis: Uniswap May Surge to $43 if The Middle BB Is Cleared
by Jun 14, 2021

Week-to-date, Uniswap (UNI) is down 10 percent, adding 10 percent on the last day against the USD. However, the technical analysis of Uniswap shows it is at break-even against ETH and BTC in the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, trading volumes are up, suggesting confident bulls. On the last trading day,... Read More

Ethereum Technical Analysis: Will ETH Buyers Overcome $2.9k As Layer-2 Gains Traction?
by Jun 8, 2021

The Ethereum price, for what the project presents, is closely watched. Currently, the coin is relatively stable, inching higher and away from the tepid price action of last week. Whether the flat-lining will continue this week depends on several Ethereum technical analysis factors. One of them is the reaction at... Read More

BNB Price Prediction: Is Binance Coin Ready for $650 USD?
by Jun 1, 2021

The Binance Coin (BNB), even at spot rates, has over-performed, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Binance Coin Recovers Above $250 and Adds 30% Against BTC. Technically, traders expected the coin to be capped below $100. However, based on BNB price predictions, Binance Coin could revisit its May highs of $650. What Makes... Read More

Kusama Price Analysis: KSM Tanks 42%. Will It Retest $150?
by May 25, 2021

The crypto market is bleeding, and Kusama is no exception. Fundamentally, the coin is propped by positive news. However, Kusama price analysis shows sellers have the upper hand if technical candlestick arrangement guide. Week-to-date, KSM is down 42 percent but encouragingly stabilizing on the last trading day. Accompanying this rebound... Read More

A Devastating Bitcoin Price Drops of 21%: Will $42k BTC/USD Hold? A Full Market TA
by May 17, 2021

The most recent Bitcoin price drop changed market sentiment. Bears might be pressing lower, but the uptrend is still valid. At the same time, tracking prices, Bitcoin’s dominance has been shrinking. However, that does not mean Bitcoin’s significance has been eroded. Institutions have been accumulating the coin over the years,... Read More

Ethereum Classic Price Analysis Shows ETC On Fire With 180 Percent Weekly Gains
by May 12, 2021

Ethereum Classic is the original “Ethereum.” Therefore, as expected, the platform has smart contracting capability and interoperability with Ethereum—a feature included in the Atlantis hard fork in late 2019. As of writing on May 10, the Ethereum Classic price analysis is quite literally off the chains, adding a massive 180... Read More

IOTA Price Analysis: IOTA Adds 24% as Buyers Target $4
by May 4, 2021

In Brief IOTA add a 24% gain to its price over the past week The IOTA price is among the top performers in the last week of trading. IOTA price analysis shows the buyers are now targeting $4 USD.  Trading over $2.10, the coin is up double digits and, in the... Read More