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Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Bulls Retest $19,800, Path to $31k?
by Dec 1, 2020

In Summary On Nov 30, the coin had retested its all-time high in several exchanges, roaring to $19,833 before recoiling back but steadying above $19k. At the time of writing, the Bitcoin price was up six percent on the last trading day and has been steady in the last hour.... Read More

Ripple’s Global Ambitions Plus Bitcoin and Ethereum Developments in June 2019
by Jul 6, 2019

Overly, the crypto market did tap good tidings in the first half of the year. After impressive gains from April through to June, the crypto market is officially over. Why not? Last year was a pain for crypto asset holders. Leading the free fall was the anchor coin, Bitcoin (BTC).... Read More

This Week in Brief: Bitcoin Dump, BitFinex, Tether, Yelp, Ethereal Summit
by Apr 28, 2019

The drama around BitFinex and NY Office of the Attorney General is dominating headlines calling into question the validity of the USD and USDT 1:1 peg.

Bitcoin (BTC) Highlights: A $100 Million Buy Order Frenzy, SEC ICO Guideline
by Apr 8, 2019

Well, everybody can see it. Better still, every cryptocurrency investor, enthusiast or trader can feel it. Bulls are awake and the home pages of all crypto trackers are back to green. Yes, green and gains are massive.

A Blockchain Double Spend Affects Merchants, Here’s How
by Mar 15, 2019

Early this year, Ethereum Classic was attacked in what CoinBase said was a “deep chain reorganization” - a euphemism for a 51 percent or a double spending attack.

Did Bitcoin Price Drop Because of BTC Liquidation by Mt. Gox Trustee?
by Mar 13, 2018

The changes in Bitcoin prices in the past year have been nothing short of tumultuous. From the highs of about $20,000 in December 2017 a piece to the current prices of about $10,000, several factors have shaped market trends decisively.  None, however, has had a more unilateral and negative influence... Read More

Bitcoin is $1000 Off $7800 After Segwit2X was Cancelled
by Nov 13, 2017

The Bitcoin Rally and Growing Market Cap What an eventful year it has been for Bitcoin. In a record-breaking 4 quarters, BTC is trading at record highs spurred mainly by the speculative pressure which in turn is pushing market capitalization up. It appears that no one wants to miss out... Read More