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Coinbase Is Now the Most Popular iOS App Ahead of Tik Tok and Facebook
by Nov 1, 2021

Bullish or The Peaks Are Here? It smells like a new wave of retailers is joining in the crypto bull run. Depending on your view, Coinbase now sits at the top of the iOS most downloaded app in the U.S. At the mantle, Brian Armstrong’s app is more popular than... Read More

Terraform Labs Sues the SEC After Kwon is “embarrassingly” Served With a Subpoena in Public

The SEC is on a perpetual prowl with eyes set on the crypto market. After multi-million settlements with project co-founders, celebrities, and individual startups, the agency isn’t settling. They are tussling with Ripple lawyers at present—and they might lose—but before they yield, reports indicate that the regulator’s representatives served a... Read More

Over 1 Million Users Sign Up For Robinhood’s Crypto Wallet, Is Reddit Preparing for NFTs?
by Oct 26, 2021

The Binance.US Flash Crash Nightmare of BTC/USD to $8.1k For some, Bitcoin might just be pulling back from the all-time highs of early this week.  But for Binance.US users, it was a nightmare on October 21.  For a few scaring seconds, BTC prices crashed to $8.1k before “crypto normalcy” resumed. ... Read More

XRP Soars, Adding 7% At The Back Of A Creator Fund For XRPL NFTs But Will XRP Hold Above $1?
by Oct 20, 2021

In Summary Ripple is a top-profile project. Despite the troubles in the recent past, the team is unyielding, continually developing. For instance, days after the December 23 bombshell by the SEC, XRP prices bounced backs steadily from the initial shock. At the time of writing, XRP is trading above $1,... Read More

The SEC Finally Approved a Bitcoin ETF – The Era of Crypto Institutionalization Begins
by Oct 19, 2021

After more than eight years of waiting, the first Bitcoin Futures Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) will debut today, October 19, 2021. Today’s event will enter the memos of crypto as the day a once periphery and doubted “nerd” project evolved to be an accepted asset class in the sophisticated U.S. financial... Read More

Polkadot Surges 20% on Parachain Slot Auction Announcement and an Ethereum User Accidentally Pays $430k in Gas Fees
by Oct 17, 2021

We can go on and on about interoperability, but Polkadot is one of the most promising crypto projects. Less than a year after launch, Polkadot commands billions in market cap. Like most other top-tier blockchains, Polkadot is still a work in progress. With ecosystem building and bridging to other blockchains... Read More

NFTs Going Mainstream with TikTok and Twitter Leading Social Media Platforms
by Oct 11, 2021

In Breif Nfts Going Mainstream With Tiktok And Twitter Crypto can be described more as an innovation conveyor belt. There is no stasis. An event can be obsolete in just weeks. From the idea of colored coins, of porting real assets into the blockchain, to social media platforms integrating blockchain... Read More

Compound Bug Opens Up $162 Million COMP Tokens for Grabs
by Oct 4, 2021

The first programming rule goes like this: “If it works, don’t dare touch it.” While improvements are good to prevent system obsolescence or boredom, changes can, no matter the intention, be bad for business if poorly executed without thorough diligence. Take, for example, the recent events in Compound. Compound Bug... Read More

Polkadot Price Analysis: DOT Expected to Rebound Towards $45
by Sep 29, 2021

Polkadot interoperability with other developed projects like Ethereum is the project’s primary proposition. However, adding scalability to the mix gives it an edge over other similar protocols explaining why DOT—the primary currency priming Polkadot’s ecosystem—is one of the most liquid, and Polkadot is one of the most valuable projects, earning... Read More

Uniswap Price Analysis: UNI On A Bearish Slide. Is $20 Next?
by Sep 28, 2021

Uniswap is a classic project demonstrating the union’s triumph over-centralization. The DEX on Ethereum is one of the most valuable Decentralized Finance projects. There has been re-arrangement on that effect, but the project’s upsides are firm. While dependent on the evolution of Ethereum, internal development would accelerate Uniswap’s expanding gain... Read More