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The unregulated nature of crypto means malicious elements are on the prowl,waiting to pounce on the next victim. #Tron is therefore partnering with #Certik. They are expects blockchain security expert, currently securing over $5 billion worth of crypto assets: twitter.com/...06656

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So,the super announcement is #Justin having lunch with the great Oracle of Omaha!! Lol. #Tron #TRX twitter.com/...68224

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Misha Lederman of I'm decentralized and an ardent supporter of #Tron has revealed that they made an application to #Bakkt presenting their reasons as to why the #ICE backed exchange should support #TRX: twitter.com/...79813

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So, the judgement is out and according to #KPMG, projects as #Tron, #EOS and all other "Ethereum killers" are pretty useless? bitcoinexchangeguide.com/...=true

KPMG States: Out of 1,500+ Cryptos; Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, & IOTA are the "Most Important"

There are four most important cryptocurrencies viz Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), and IOTA (MIOTA) as per KPMG's insight blog titled, "Cryptocurrencies: Do they matter to cor...

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#Tron is all about innovation,#SUNNetwok test-net is set for next month but the cool thing is that it won't require any mainnet upgrade.The #SUNNetwork introduces dApp sidechains, cross chain capabilities effectively "expanding the overall capacity of #TRON network, improve the overall TPS and smart contract execution efficiency of #TRON". Here's an update:  twitter.com/...94272

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