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Charlie Shrem,who spent time behind bars,says Facebook's Global Coin is a threat to #XRP. Well,there are many threats to Ripple and XRP. Beginning with regulators and the nature of xRapid. For operation and for banks to actually use xRapid, then #XRP must be affordable. This means there are limited upsides. Compounding woes are regulators and the low adoption rates plus the rise and rise of stablecoins. #Binance will launch one pegging to the GBP while others plan to roll out via Stellar and World Wire. Interesting times going forward. twitter.com/...16705

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Will not stop preaching this, #Ripple #XRP prices, by default, are designed to be stable---and low. Reason? #xRapid. #Ripple has contracts with FIs and for them to use xRapid, they must cheaply purchase #XRP away from the open market. Confirmed!! twitter.com/...49760

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From#BitcoinCash unintended hard fork to #Monero hash-rate drop, there are more reasons to be bullish on #XRP than any other coins out there. A #price doubling is on the card...80 cents anyone?

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We all agree that #NYDFS approving #Bitstamp application and issuing it with a #Bitlicense is the best thing towards creating this Internet of Value or #IOV. Now Europe can connect with the US via #InterLedger through connectors as #KavaLabs or the Ripple Ledger, XRPL, will be used to auto-bridge #Bitstamp with #XRP being the native currency facilitating fund transfer.Massive!!!

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