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Centralized exchanges are critical cogs in the cryptocurrency scene. However, while they are slow with complex user interfaces, #DEXs will be major in coming years. Reasons are obvious and numerous..hacks, anyone? All the same, we shouldn't hide our heads in the sand and assume that adoption will pick up just like that. There is lack of knowledge on specifically how #AtomicSwapping works. #Litecoin #LTC #Bitcoin #BTC: #6234ebff6178" target="_blank" rel="ugc noopener">www.forbes.com/...waps/

A Complete Beginner's Guide To Atomic Swaps

Cryptocurrency users will have access to a truly decentralized means of trading crypto through atomic swaps, whilst being able to retain control over their digital assets at all times. Her...

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Tic Toc, it's about time. The impending #Litecoin scarcity shock is a shot in the arm for an already rallying #LTC. Time for $150 and later $180? Halving will see daily emissions slashed by half. Time set for August 5, 2019...On a more catious stand, is it all priced in? 

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#BitcoinCash up 73 percent, #Litecoin up 44 percent.....meanwhile #Ethereum struggle is real.....

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Learn more about the #MimbleWimble protocol which Charlie Lee says will be soon adopted by #Litecoin. Do you know that adoption will automatically scale the network and make on-chain transactions anonymous more like #ZCash and #Monero? Check it out:youtu.be/...abRjc

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