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ChainLink icon ChainLink  at  $2.42  on  Aug 11, 2019

Why do these Crypto companies need to take so much money from investors. I just don't get it. People put their trust in these teams and then get screwed over by the same people they trusted. In the stock market no upstanding company would intensionally send their stocks plummeting down 50%. You can take some but not like this... Happy I didn't invest in ChainLink. #crypto #dump #selloff www.trustnodes.com/...-dump

Half a Billion Wiped Out as Chainlink Devs Dump | Trustnodes

Some $600 million worth of paper value Link tokens have vanished amid what appears to be continuous selling by the Chainlink team. The 2017 ICO-ed…

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Ethereum icon Ethereum  at  $164.10  on  Apr 24, 2019

Prominent,#crypto lawyer raising legitimate concerns. Well, fact is--and there is evidence--most #ICOs were scams, defrauding unsuspecting investors. #Ethereum played host to these scams, will affected investors take action? I guess not!  twitter.com/...89665

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin  at  $5,048.60  on  Apr 11, 2019

Sad day for #crypto and #Bitcoin,sad day for #freedom, and gloom day for #humanrightsactivits. #JulianAssange, arrest is a blow! But did you know that Julian Assange was amongst the first members of the #CypherPunk Movement? In fact he shared the same mailing list with #Satoshi, the mysterious founder of #Bitcoin----www.linkedin.com/...lkon/

The CypherPunks Ten Prophets - Julian Assange

Julian Assange and His Little Known Impact on Cryptocurrencies Google’s search tracking program, Google Trends, shows a sharp uptick in Bitcoin and Ethereum Google searches starting on N...

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