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Overview of Gulden

It aims to be this simple, scalable, fast and secure platform for money transfer complete with crypto fiat conversion capabilities. In real sense, Gulden is more of a means of exchange just like fiat money-from which it is based on—it has no intrinsic value—but interestingly, it’s value increases depending on the number of users. The team behind Gulden focus primarily on the Dutch market and are related to, an App that handles merchant payment.

NLG has the capability of increasing your capital because every user that joins NLG the value of NLG goes up. The higher the demand, the more valuable the coin becomes. Users can also determine how to use NLG whether for payments or investments because coins are stored securely in the mobile supported Gulden App.

NLG uses Scrypt as the hashing function and Proof-of-Work as its consensus algorithm with Kimoto’s Gravity Well for adjusting mining difficulty. Furthermore aside from the security provided by Proof of Work, the network’s Double Key Witness System guarantees security for Gulden’s Fixed Term Witness Accounts